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Danielle Mysliwiec

3d painting like this that has never been seen in 3d paintings on canvas can be so much more than just an art object.

She has done it; Danielle Mysliwiec has glued 3d painting and viewers together. Her 3d painting on canvas at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary in Oakland, CA is a delightful example of visual culture hard at work. A well constructed piece of arts and culture offers a space for the viewer. These Contemporary works aren’t complete until someone comes into the gallery and stands in front of it. And Mysliwiec makes sure they do and stick to it… almost literally. The artists works with a viscous oil paint in a way that is unlike most oil paintings. It is even unlike most 3d art. But she is applying her work in a stunning way to complete the relationship between Contemporary Art and the viewer. Danielle Mysliwiec uses depth in her 3d paintings on cavnas to entice viewers to stick close for something big.

One such 3d painting at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary looks like an unzipped window to the outside world. Corcus, an oil painting on a canvas-looking wood panel measuring 13 by nine inches, is rather small but offers plenty for the eyes. The canvas or linen is dull, brown, and even gray like mud in the rain. The oil on this 3d painting on canvas isn’t completely covering the surface. The texture of the media is embraced but the focus is so much more on the flower of oils that grows away from it. Literally the oil paint on the canvas protrudes away from the surface. The real occupation of the oil paint in space is utilized. The violet gradient from solid to white with an accent of Bumble Bee Yellow literally sticks out from the canvas. The long very thin strips of paint were woven together to create a longer band. This band then is laid across the canvas and is folded over. These woven together colors are undoubtedly inspired by the floral and fauna of the world. There is even a natural shadow cast inside creating depth. This makes 3d painting on canvas look window-like in its appearance.

Contemporary 3d Paintings on Canvas

There are little bog creatures, beautiful, that reach out from each of these 3d paintings on canvas. Each thread is like one’s index fingering signalling a closer encounter. Tiny individual strands of oil paint are laid out on the 3d paintings on canvas and woven together. These minute applications of paint draw the viewer closer. If that were not enough excitement, the larger folds like in Corcus are like the entire arms of these creatures. The weaving has obvious texture, but the folds are what really stand out from the canvas. These folded bands are the arms that could reach out, grab someone, and pull them into the painting. The medium of this form of 3d painting is alive and attention grabbing.

It’s clear right away that a viewer’s attention has been locked when they walk to the side of a 3d painting and crane their neck. They exclaim, perplexed, “What the hell is it made of?!” or “How did they make this?!” These paintings are that beautiful spot in the woods where people escape to to have a think. Danielle Mysliwiec obviously has the ability to interest people, but also gives them a space to ponder. Like a clearing in the woods secluded by redwoods, these paintings are a beautiful space for asking questions about the artwork. These 3d paintings on canvas are nature’s keynote speakers. Every encounter with these works are a connection and dialogue between the 3d painting on canvas and the viewer. This connection and space for dialogue is what makes for stunning visual culture and beautiful Contemporary Art. The ability Mysliwiec has to captivate is what makes this true art.


You haven’t been stuck to the wall with oil paint until you have seen Danielle Mysliwiec’s 3d painting at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary. Culturally, one could look at these woven pieces as a statement of women’s rights. Heck they could be absurd commentaries on why hair grows faster after it is cut. They could be catalysts for discussion about the famous battle between high art and craft. The important part is that these fine 3d paintings on canvas are catalysts. Like Corcus, a stunning and captivating 3d painting on canvas, these paintings are not only windows. These paintings are amphitheaters where anyone’s voice can be heard. They are venues for discussion. They are a space where dialogue flourishes. These paintings are the next generation of Contemporary Art. An important aspect of Mysliwiec wrapping her viewers up in this gooey medium is to talk and to think. These works of visual culture are that of enticing dialogue about art.

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