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Best Parodies of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

The best parodies are the most famous. They are the famous paintings people know and love.

How would an artist paint the Mona Lisa with just one color? Would DaVinci recognize the Sistine Chapel if it were painted in just squares? Works by these artists are quite popular. Even in their time, they were worshiped and well known. Because of this, it might actually be a piece of cake to render such images in these ways. It would be simple. Right?! Because viewers have looked upon these images so many times and know them well enough to perhaps paint them themselves, these works can be abstracted. Abstraction can be done in many ways. Color, shape, and even parody can all alter an image or a famous painting. But it works best when the original is famous and well known. These sensational icons make the best parodies the most brilliant because the viewer knows it without having to reference it. The best parodies are of the most recognizable works of art.

Best Parodies of Nighthawks

The best parodies of Nighthawks (1942) may include giant raging rats or coffee in the deepest darkest depths of outer space. But the best parodies of this wonderful work of art are the ones that still resemble the painting in a recognizable way. It is a wonderfully dark, yet beautiful painting. One lonely evening in a dark desolate town a gentleman finds himself alone saving the last lights on in the whole town. He sits in solitude away from even the server in the sad cafe. He sips away at his coffee, or chows down on his doughnuts if he’s Homer Simpson, and enjoys his activities alone. The best parodies of this magnificent visual story still include these images… with a few extra, famous, characters to go along with it.

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