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Fresh New Art Online!

Culture Hog is excited to be cooking up something new! Culture Hog is building a new site for artists and their art online.

Thanks to all eight people who took the survey that was sent out on how Culture Hog can help artists! LOL! It really is appreciated, though, because it provided some great ideas!

Why an Art Online Site… App… Thing?

Culture Hog has always been about spreading art online. But the editor has a strong passion for the artists as well. That’s why there needs to be a powerful new site for artists. There are many art online apps but their dusty and old. There needs to be something fresh and useful to those who use it.

So, What is It?!

Well, this new art online is going to be a social platform and a place for artists to create and host beautiful portfolios. The project will continue to grow with artists’ feedback, but it will be intended to be social and to showcase all the wonderful art that creators are making.

art online

What’s it called??? No one knows. Hmm… maybe we should have a name contest. Hint hint.

Culture Hog will still continue to feature great essays and fabulous featured guest posts about Contemporary art online and the culture they concern. The new site will simply be an awesome new tool for readers to use to share their art with the world.

Want to get Involved?

Help out!!! Culture Hog is a team of exactly one. Help expand the team… or make it a team! If you have a passion for Contemporary art, media, visual culture, and artists, get in touch! It’d be great to have more writers and web developers! Email hello@culturehog.com for more information.

This is the first news release of the awesome art online that is soon to fill your screens so there isn’t much more info, but please stay tuned! Signup for the Culture Grub newsletter to hear more!

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