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Graphic Design Portfolio Ideas for your Website

While the internet monster grows with graphic designers you want your graphic design portfolio to really please the crowds.

Here are a couple graphic design portfolio ideas that’ll make your portfolio look clean, polished, and professional. The best graphic design portfolio website is going to be engaging, professional, and inspirational.

Make Your Graphic Design Portfolio Engaging

Get in their faces! One of the best graphic design portfolio ideas is to make your website engaging. Engagement means a couple things. One: it keeps people looking at your portfolio for longer. This means they might be more likely to give you a call or even buy something! Two: it creates a great relationship with your customers. An engaging portfolio will make the visitor to your site feel more involved as if they are already connected to you. So build a relationship and make your portfolio website engaging!

Graphic Design Portfolio Ideas

So how does an artist make their graphic design website portfolio more engaging? Try animations, good copy, maybe a game, or a simple form. Animations give the viewer something to look at instead of bouncing quickly from your website to find something more visually engaging. Some of the best graphic design portfolio ideas involve good copy. Tell a story and make your customer feel like they’ve already bought your wonderful artwork. Yes, it’s even okay to create a game for your customers to play. Have them spin a wheel or take a quick quiz. This will keep people engaged and, hey you might even learn something about potential customers. And always create a form for your visitors to fill out. You want to establish communication with visitors to your graphic design portfolio website so trying collecting an email address or phone number. Keep it short, but definitely do it! These are just a few great graphic design portfolio ideas.

Professional Graphic Website Designs

Some of the best graphic design portfolio ideas are going to be very professional. This doesn’t mean dry or static, but you want your clients to feel secure when they purchase something from you and assured that the product is one of quality. That’s why some of the greatest graphic design portfolio ideas are clean and slick. Take a look at some of your favorite graphic design portfolios and pull out some professional looks and integrations that you like. Keep it professional and they’ll keep it coming.

Inspirational Graphic Design Portfolio Ideas

And, don’t forget the “wow” factor. If you’re looking for excellent graphic design portfolio ideas, you’re probably looking for something someone has never seen before. So get creative!!! That’s your expertise as a designer or artist so really go for it. If someone sees something new on your graphic design portfolio they’ll likely look at it longer and stay on your website, but also be impressed enough to choose you over other artists! It’s a fact of life.

If you’re looking for more graphic design portfolio ideas, why not just see what others have cooked up on Culture Hog. Check out https://culturehog.com/works to see how our wonderful members are using the premium Culture Hog memberships.

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