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Mona Lisa Funny Pics and the Power of Mona Lisa Parodies

These Mona Lisa funny pics and Mona Lisa parodies are becoming the most powerful thing on the web.

The meme and the gif are taking over images, the web, and maybe soon even college textbooks. Kittens with rocket launchers and laser eyes are going to taking office in governments soon. But these Mona Lisa funny pics are the cream of the crop in this contemporary age. They play a strong role, believe it or not, in Contemporary art and visual culture. The most iconic image in art history becomes some of the greatest Mona Lisa funny images. Not only these Mona Lisa funny pics, but pics of Van Gough, “American Gothic,” works by Pop artist, Andy Warhol, and the likes become so many awesome parodies. So why are these Mona Lisa parodies so effective at making the viewer belt out in laughter? A Mona Lisa spoof is the best because it’s such a popular icon. It is the face of art. Even with her creepy smile, she is the mascot of art history. This lady’s charming mug is on bags, cake-mixes, t-shirts, and, yes, even mugs. These Mona Lisa funny pics and other art history parodies are some of the most powerful things on the web.

mona lisa funny pics

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