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Portfolio Design for Students

Presentation is everything. Portfolio design for students should mirror the hard work you put into your paintings, drawing, designs, or whatever awesome medium you work in.

Creating a portfolio design for students is an important step in creating a relationship with collectors. You don’t buy croissants covered in mold or smashed into pancakes. So why would anyone want to work with someone who has a boring, old, beaten, and unprofessional portfolio design? Your artwork can be amazing, but if your portfolio is anything less than perfect, people will move on

Get a Professional Cover or Website

A file folder probably isn’t the best. A few staples or rubber bands aren’t going to impress your clients. It’s sometimes hard for students to come up with extra cash to pour into their already expensive artwork. But investing in a quality presentable cover for your artwork is definitely a good choice. A portfolio design for students can be hard to put together. But, good portfolio design for students starts with… yep, a good portfolio!

Portfolio Design for Students

Of course, if portfolio design for students is digital, your cover will be the website you choose. Your “cover” is just important. For your wonderful design you want to pick a reliable web hosting company, build a great website that works, and have an impressive design for your art.

Content is Just as Important in a Good Portfolio Design for Students

So what do you put inside that shiny new portfolio cover? Content is king. A good portfolio design for students begins with good binding, but it will be all for nothing if the works inside look like garbage. Your work is probably amazing, but your new work is going to blow the socks off of your potential clients. So try putting a few extra newer works in your portfolio design. Just be sure to not put your first Crayola drawing as a kid inside your professional new portfolio.

Another great trick for making the inside of your portfolio deisng for students is to tell a story or use a timeline. Art galleries especially want to see a cohesive body of work. This means that the artwork will all have similar themes and content. But make it interesting. Perhaps show the evelooution chornilogically of your newest project. This is just another great idea for making your portfolio design for students interesting.

Keep things fresh! Another great practice of keeping your portfolio design for students is to regularly update it. You’re probably a hard-working student completely one artistic assignment after another. So be sure to include the newest most relevant works in the front lines of your portfolio.

Portfolio design for students should also speak to several clients, a range of instructors, and anyone else who might be interested in your work. So make sure the works you choose are a variety of interesting impressive works.

And don’t forget, an easy way to keep your profile up-to-date and show your works chronologically is to build your portfolio design for students on the web. Most portfolio sites will organize your works in the order you upload them which will most likely be in the order you make them. Try Culture Hog Premium or another hosting site for your portfolio.

Don’t Be Shy; Include a Biography

Most portfolio design for students is going to include a resume, a biography, and a statement. Be sure to include these in a separate area of your portfolio so buyers can see how successful you and your artwork have been. Collectors will especially be interested in these.

The Bigger the Better!

Make sure we can hear you in the back. Aside from not being able to even see your work, a small image will look much worse than the original. And, if you’ve expanded the images of your work, the work will look grainy and pixelated. You want to show the best representation of your work to people who might buy the original. So when printing or uploading images to some portfolio design for students make sure it means size requirements. For print, this is usually about 300 pixels per inch. And most online portfolio websites for students will tell you how big the image should be when you upload it. Now we hear you loud and clear!

Can I Get your Number? Include your Contact Information

Building up portfolio design for students is about building up relationships. The whole point is to establish communication between you and a buyer. So it’s a good idea to include your contact information. Email is probably the most used form of communication these days so be sure you have one and include it in the portfolio. If you’re making a website, choose one where you can link to your social media and add some sort of direct contact information. That way when people like what’s in your portfolio they can contact you to buy it, learn more about it, or see other works you’ve done.

How Much Does it Cost?

Building these relationships is important to selling your work. So why not include a separate sheet of prices for your work. If it’s up for sale, tell them how much it costs. If someone has to ask how much something is, they won’t buy it. Good portfolio design for students is going to include some sort of separate price list.

If you’re looking for something good for students, try Culture Hog Premium. It’s easy to use and accomplishes all the tasks required to build good artistic relationship with galleries and collectors. Good luck with your portfolio design for students!

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