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A Stunning and Simple HTML Website Template

Offer your visitors a visually impressive experience without taking the spotlight off your art and design products. Try this stunning, simple HTML website template.

We learned a powerful lesson in the 20th century: gallery walls should be white. Okay maybe it’s not that powerful, but it sure does make your artwork look good. And, so will this simple HTML website template.

Simple HTML Website Template

Without getting into a boring history lesson, let’s look at how it works. Before salons walls were crowded with as many of the contestants’ work as possible. Hence: salon style. Then came along the 1900’s and galleries needed more walls because there was only one or two painting on each wall. And the walls were white just like the background of this simple HTML website template. The point of the history lesson is that we finally realized that white backgrounds and a simple layout is the way to go.

How to Make your Artwork Look Even Better

Your artwork is amazing. No one doubts that. And so are a lot of really cool websites out there. But these portfolio websites take the focus from your really cool artwork. So how do we fix this? Keep the website fun and engaging, but keep it subtle enough to focus the visitors’ attention on your hard work. You can still create a beautiful and unique website portfolio. In fact you should! It’s true, this really simple HTML website template is simple, but still sleek enough to impress. Just keep in mind you don’t want to go over the top. You still want visitors to focus on your really awesome work. That’s one of the reasons this stunning and simple HTML website template is the best way to go.

Where do I Get Such a Stunning Simple HTML Website Template?

Guess! You can get your very own stunning and simple HTML website template right here on Culture Hog. Check out what others are building at https://culturehog.com/works. You’ll see lots of Culture Hog Premium members doing amazing things, not only with their artwork and design, but with their shiny new simple HTML website templates. Checkout the Culture Hog homepage to get your premium membership and start your simple HTML website template today!

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Jan 31, 2019 How to Sell Art

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